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1950s Omega Ranchero 30mm Ref. 2990

The Ranchero 30mm is one of the most desired Omega of the 1950s.

What’s interesting is that the watch was a spectacular failure, something Omega realized quickly because the watch was only sold for two years. According to the Omega Museum, “the watch encountered resistance in Spanish-speaking countries from potential customers who were put off by its name that means ‘ranch hand’ in Spanish.” The watch was quickly discontinued, with the existing production of watches being sold into 1959.

Thus, the Ranchero’s short run has made it a bit of a unicorn today with collectors, with good examples fetching huge premiums today.  As with anything vintage and high-value, do your due diligence and work with trusted sources if you’re looking to pick one up — the Ranchero is an increasingly sought-after watch, and you expect values to continue trending upwards.

The case has minor scratches and the original dial features unique patina. The hands have been replaced with not original ones and the crown has been replaced with an Omega crown.

Offered in overall good condition, the present wristwatch is one-of-a-kind chance for Omega collectors to own a unicorn timepiece.



Manifacturer - Omega
Year - circa 1959

Movement - Omega 267, Manual winding.
Model Name - Ranchero 30mm
Reference - 2990-1
Material - Stainless steel case
Bracelet/Strap - Generic leather strap
Clasp/Buckle - Generic metal buckle
Dimensions - 36mm x 44mm
Signed - Dial, Movement, Caseback and Crown