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Buying from Vintage Watch Leader

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“Where to buy a vintage watch?” / “Who sells vintage watches?” / “How to find the nearest vintage watch seller”

Vintage Watch Leader aims to select the finest vintage timepieces. The team from the Vintage Watch Leader Shop is always looking for the most interesting watches.

Each watch offered on the site is photographed and described by us, representing the product in the most realistic and honest way possible.

Each of us has felt the impact of COVID-19, and health and safety are our top priorities right now. We're working hard to ship orders as quickly as possible while ensuring that our teams remain safe and healthy. 

We ship watches within one to two business days of order approval by our third-party security software. If we are having trouble verifying your order, we will contact you directly.

Domestic order delivery timelines will depend on the shipping method selected at checkout, but can range from overnight service to 1-3 business days; international orders generally arrive within 3-6 business days depending on the destination. 

You'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as it is available. If you have questions about when your watch will arrive, please email us at support@vintagewatchleader.com.

Vintage Watch Leader is required to declare the retail value of the timepiece in the shipment. International shipments are subject to import fees upon arrival in the destination country; any importation fees or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Please note we're shipping from Italy.

We are able to accommodate in person order pick-ups, for any additional information contact us at support@vintagewatchleader.com.

Sell my watch

We would love to help you sell your watch! When we began selling vintage watches in the Vintage Watch Leader Shop, we wanted to improve the experience for both buyer and seller.

Please email us at shop@vintagewatchleader.com with a set of photos, all of the information and history you have on the watch, and your expectation of value, and we will do our best to get back to you within one week.

We accept vintage watches from a range of brands. The meaning and timeline of "vintage" does vary for different models and makers, but as a general rule, if the watch was manufactured after 1990 it isn't necessarily considered vintage. 

If you have doubts about whether your watch is modern or vintage, please don't hesitate to reach out to shop@vintagewatchleader.com and we can let you know!

Because we are a small team, providing on-demand value requests is difficult for us to accommodate. Please e-mail shop@vintagewatchleader.com and we will do our best to get back to you.

Caring for your vintage watch

“Can I wear a vintage watch while swimming in the pool?" / "Can I wear a vintage watch in the shower?" / "Can you wear a vintage watch in the ocean?" / "How deep can I dive with a vintage watch?”

Not all wristwatches are waterproof to depths, expecially dress watches. To maintain your watch's waterproofness, we suggest you to service it regularly and make it waterproof tested by a professional watchmaker.

After wearing your watch in the sea, it is important to rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt and sand deposits.

People also ask: 

“Can I wear my vintage watch while I play golf, tennis or polo?" / "Can I train into the gym with my vintage watch?”

We suggest you not to play sports nor training with a vintage watch on your wrist, even if the watch movement provides shock protection.

People also ask: 

“What can I do if my vintage watch doesn't tell the right time?" / "Why does my vintage not keep the accurate time?" / "Why is my vintage running fast / slow?”

The movement accuracy will be influenced by your unique lifestyle and real-life usage. Please note that the movement has not been tested for the accuracy of time and may need a service at the buyer's expense. When stated, the watch is 1 year guaranteed from a professional watchmaker with which we collaborate. 

Please contact your nearest professional watchmaker, which will advise you on all the technical aspects of your watch’s functions.

People also ask: 

“Why is servicing important for my vintage watch?" / "How often should a vintage watch be serviced?”

To guarantee continued accuracy and waterproofness, we recommends that you periodically return your watch to a certified watchmaker for professional servicing. It is recommended to service your vintage watch approximately every 5 years depending on the model and real-life usage.