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OMEGA: A Journey Through Time by Marco Richon

This book OMEGA: A Journey Through Time for sale by Marco Richon is dedicated to all Omega watch collectors. To our best knowledge only few thousands of English copies were printed and nowadays a brand new sealed copy is a true find for every Omega connoisseur.

The book is intended to help the Omega collector in their research when purchasing watches that may not be as original as a first thought, and to shed some light on Omega models that may be outside the main focus of their interest.

Omega created more than 15000 main models, this is why the present book represents only the tip of the iceberg. It's an album of annotated photographs, a descriptive review catalogue of the Omega Museum and a portrayal of the evolution of the brand from its birth to 2007. Read the full honest collector's review here.

Furthermore, OMEGA: A Journey Through Time illustrates the watches with a large number of contemporary advertisements bringing them to life with the colour, the ambiance and perfume of their time.

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Title - Omega: A Journey Through Time
Author - Marco Richon
Editor - Omega Limited, 2007
Collaborator - OMEGA
Pages - 831
Language - English
Condition - Brand new, Sealed