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1940s Cyma W.W.W. 'Dirty Dozen'

The Cyma WWW remains in the World War II history as one of the Dirty Dozen and this vintage british military watch is now highly sought by collectors.

In 1940 the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill took charge of the military operations and he knew military corps needed the best equipment to face the hardest condition on the battlefield. The British Minister of Defense (MoD) commissioned the military timepieces to watch manifacturers and every detail requested has been given attention. 12 Watch Companies could comply with the standards and Cyma was one of those, taking part in the ‘Dirty Dozen’ family. So the soldier’s WW2 watch was born. Are you interested in the World War II British military watches? Discover the Royal Navy Lemania HS9 here.

This Cyma features the most robust 38mm diameter case of the dirty dozen and the design is simple but not trivial. The fixed lugs ensured the soldier's watch would never left his wrist and the thick steel caseback shows the military assignment both inside and outside.

We guess Cyma invested more in diameter to help soldiers to read the time in a quick glance. When you open the caseback you 100% realize the case is oversized if compared to the movement. The watch houses a Cyma 234 and even if it’s specifically made to be durable, it has been refinished with Anglage of the bridges. Nice touch.

We paired the present military watch with a Nato strap that fits comfortably on every wrist while retaining its military soul.

The black dial shows a unique stardust patina and the radium has aged a dark brown color. The white arabic numerals and railroad track scale remain untouched, as well as the ‘CYMA’ and broad arrow ‘/|\’ signatures. Download the full CONDITION REPORT.

Why This Watch Makes The Difference

Historical Background - The British Ministry of Defence commissioned this watch for the soldiers during the World War II. The caseback shows the military broad arrow and the assignment number.

Affordable - This Cyma watch is one of the most affordable vintage military assigned WW2 timepieces, now highly sought among collectors.

Durable - Made to stand up to the battlefield, this military Cyma features a thick stainless steel case to last for long.

Patina - Look at the dial. The white stardust patina is something unique, rarely seen on a military assigned watch.

Manifacturer - Cyma
Year - 1940s

Movement - Cyma 234, Manual winding
Model Name - W.W.W.
Reference - N/A
Material - Stainless Steel case
Bracelet/Strap - Generic nato strap
Clasp/Buckle - Generic metal buckle
Dimensions - 38,3mm x 45,3mm
Signed - Dial, Movement and Caseback